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Living Water Teaching in Guatemala is experiencing growth in many areas.   We have the biggest class yet filled with hungry Bible school students that want to make a difference in the world in which they live.    Students have come from Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belize, and all over Guatemala.   They are helping us to fulfill the vision that the Lord gave to Living Water Teaching in 1981:  “To convert my people to the Word and not to religion and stir the waters of Latin American with FAITH, HEALING, and SALVATION.”     We graduated another 723 students on the 15th of November 2014.  Praise be to God that we have seen over 37,000 students graduate from our Bible schools throughout the ten countries that we are working in.

Our local church is increasing every Sunday with new people.   We began having three services about 3 years back.   Usually the 1st and 2nd services are full to overflowing and now the third service is already half full.   It takes a long time to get out of the parking lot but we are rejoicing in the blessings of the Lord.   We are having around 1600 in the three services, praise be to God!

We are in our 36th year of being on the field and we have seen the Lord do some tremendous things.  He has told us that this year for the entire ministry is the “Year of Great Prosperity”.   We believe this and we are declaring this.  He wants our bodies prosperous, our marriage prosperous, our children, grand- children, and great grandchildren prosperous, our walk with God prosperous and even our finances prosperous.  

We have added onto our Bible school and it is absolutely beautiful.    We have rooms for more classes, a big spacious area in the middle where we can have weddings, celebrate birthdays, and have many different ministry activities.

Gary and Pat VanderPol have provided funds to build a new women’s dorm that will house 36 students.  The girls are so excited to be moving into this facility shortly.  It is really going to be nice and it is a blessing from the Lord.

We appreciate our covenant partners more than we can express in words.  You enable us to be on the field and stay on the field.   We believe that the best years for Living Water Teaching are right ahead of us.

Pastors Clarence Wright and Marion Zirkle Wright---Directors of Living Water Teaching in Guatemala!




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