Clarence and Marion Zirkle Wright rejoice at the goodness of God for all that He has done in Living Water Teaching for over 37 years. The vision given to Dr. Jim Zirkle in 1981 is gaining momentum, expanding, increasing in anointing, and continues to give life as the Word of God is ministered in 10 different nations. We continue to stir the waters of Latin America with faith, healing, and salvation and believe that the best is yet to come.

The ministry in Guatemala has seen tremendous growth as more and more students are hungry for the Word of God. We are training an average of 500+ students weekly with new students enrolling every week. The Word is transforming lives, healing sick bodies, and renewing the mind as to who they are in Christ Jesus. We are thankful for the more than 42,000 students that have been trained and sent out to carry the Gospel to surrounding communities and to the nations.

We are Gustavo and Rosita Paz, directors of Living Water Teaching in Belize.  We have been working for 14 years with Bible institutes for adults in different places in this nation, training pastors, leaders and members from different churches.  

We are now starting a new project of Bible schools for children to prepare and train them in the Word of God.  We also have a ministry to restore families wherein they receive prayer and teachings for their needs.  God has allowed us to see much change in the people's lives in this nation over these years and our vision for the next years are to see new generations transformed by the power of the Word of God. 

Gustavo and Rosita Paz - Belize


   Bible Institute Graduation

Gustavo Teaching

 Rosita Teaching in the Bible School for Children

 Graduates from the Children's Bible School

 Gustavo Working with the Children


The First Ten Years in Belize

Bolivia is a country called “The Heart of South America”. During our five years here (2009-2014), we have been pioneers of promoting the message of Salvation and bringing the Word of God with faith, healing and salvation which has brought a breakthrough in the evangelization of this nation.

Bolivia, by its type of multinational government, has many advantages and opportunities to expand the Kingdom. It is a country with freedom of religion, at the same time, this has opened doors to 3,000 Muslims in the country, and the government itself promotes the worshiping of mother earth.

Our Bible Institute and Ext. Schools began with over 100 students; but in Apanteos Prison, where 173 graduated last yr (1st, 2nd and 3rd yr) riot restrictions totally shut the door! What is impossible for man is not impossible for God. The Lord opened it and gave us 160 (4 groups of 40) 1st yr students! - and from our 3rd yr graduates He raised up 18 pastors - 2 inside each of 9 prison sectors to work with those awaiting 2nd and 3rd yr classes. Then He opened another prison and gave us 77 more new students! Glory!

My name is Noemi Morales Solorzano.  I have been a missionary in Haiti for 6 years.  I am very thankful to God for all that He has done in Haiti and has permitted me to serve Him there.  I began teaching the Word of God in St. Michell de 1’atalaye and then after 3 years there, I began the work in the Capital, Port-au-Prince.  I have  been there almost 3 years.  Living here, I have had the opportunity to take the Word of God to the southern part of Haiti training 30 students in the first level of Bible classes.  The total number of students that have graduated from the first level of studies is 130 and from the second level of studies is 11.  In the city of Okay, we are beginning the second level of studies with a new group of students from the first level.

Some of the graduates have begun to help me in sowing the Word of God.  Jonas Neret is helping from the city of Okay and Laundry Pierre and Von Pierre are helping from the city of Port-au-Prince.  Bodler Sichem and other students are helping with the first level of studies.  Of the first group of graduates from the school in southern St. Michell, two are privileged to study in Guatemala.  They have completed 3 levels of the Bible Institute of Living Water Teaching and for this I am very thankful for what the Lord has done and continues to do.  We trust to begin Bible classes with the next group of students in May and finish up with the second and third level in Okay and in Port-au-Prince with the third level of studies. I also have the privilege of working with children and we have blessed 1000 of them through Operation Shoebox with a Christmas gift and another 325 children in other activities.  In St. Michell, I had the opportunity to minister on radio from 6-7 every Friday night for a period of time.  Thanks be to God the doors opened for me to visit and clean a prison every Tuesday where I had the opportunity to lead many of the inmates to the Lord in the language of Creole.  Every Friday, I have the privilege of going to a hospital and sharing the Word of God and many have received Jesus as their Savior.

This year, my projected ministry is evangelizing the youth through various activities and we have begun with 2 every month.

Praise be to God for what you have sown to be able to take the Word of God to the nations.  I love you in the Lord and I invite you to participate in the work in Haiti with your love offerings. 

Gary & Katrina Walters have served as missionaries with Living Water Teaching for the past 29 years in Central America. After serving in El Salvador for four years, the Lord led them to direct the work in Honduras where they have been stationed for the past 23+ years.

Since the work began in 1991, God has opened and continues to open doors of utterance. The Bible Training Center (which operates on a weekly basis) ministers to over 200 people regularly and has graduated over 1700 from its first, second and third-year Bible Training Center Programs. Plans are to ultimately extend the current three-year BTC to a four-year program. In addition, 2-3 day seminars are given periodically for Pastors and leaders in other specialized areas of ministry. Seasoned ministers and teachers are also welcome to come from the States and teach in the many Bible Training Centers that are continually in session.

Bartolo Ancelmo, Guatemalan and his wife, Veronica from Tapachula Chiapas, Mexico became missionaries with the ministry of Living Water Teaching in March of 2011.

Bartolo answered the call of God on his life in 1999 and then attended our Bible school in Quetzaltenango. After graduation, Bartolo started some churches in the southern part of Mexico and opened Bible school extensions in Mexico under Living Water Teaching. He met his future wife in an outreach that he was doing with rehabilitating alcoholics. In 2008 they became man and wife. Veronica is a medical doctor and used her skills in one of our medical clinics.

It has been our privilege, during the last 23 years, to be a part of Living Water Teaching Ministry in Nicaragua. During all this time, the Lord Jesus has taken us through a fascinating path of a spiritual and an exciting adventure; experiencing a personal transformation and seeing how the real power of the Word of God operates in the people that we minister to.

Our ministry has the purpose to reach as many people as possible, in order to train them in the teaching of the Word of God, to serve Him, and to expand the Kingdom of Christ. For this reason, we have established a church and developed Bible schools in all of the churches that are opened to the Word.

Cerbin and Rosalba received God’s calling to Missions when they were serving at their local church, where they were Youth Pastors and elders full time for many years. They chose to follow God’s voice to Panama City, along with their children, Ruth, Rose and Josh. They had 5 suitcases and a dream of God to transform the people of Panama through the teaching of His Word.

The year they left, they started the Bible Institute, training students from different churches and ministries. The only desire in their hearts was to teach and train the students so that they could be efficient for the work in the ministry at their local churches and to be a support to their pastors.

Jerry and Connie White have served, with Living Water Teaching in Paraguay, South America for 22 years. Arriving in Paraguay in January, 1993, the first 2-1/2 years in Paraguay were spent in assisting the former founders and directors of LWT-Paraguay in the establishment of the LWT Bible Teaching Center and local church. In January of 1996, after a 4 month time in Guatemala and the US, Jerry and Connie returned to Paraguay as Directors with Living Water Teaching.

LWT – Paraguay ministers the life giving Word of God in four major ministry outreaches in Paraguay to an average of 560 people units per month – that’s over 500,000 people units over the last 18 years or over 7% of the Paraguayan population – our goal is to tithe 10% of the population to God. The four ministry areas are:

The US Headquarters for Living Water Teaching is located in Caddo Mills, Texas, approximately 1 hour east of downtown Dallas.  The headquarters is located on 10 acres of land with an office facility, warehouse, and a mission house.

All business aspects of the ministry are handled here along with everything that goes international leaves out of here.

Every year thousands of filled shoeboxes for Operation Shoebox, boxes of bulk toys, new clothes and other items along with books and supplies for the Bible schools and ACE schools arrive at our warehouse facility.

We also have the Circle of Champions which is a memorial to those that lost their lives in November 1998, when the ministry’s DC-3 aircraft crashed in Guatemala.

If you're ever in our area, please feel free to stop by.

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