My name is Noemi Morales Solorzano.  I have been a missionary in Haiti for 6 years.  I am very thankful to God for all that He has done in Haiti and has permitted me to serve Him there.  I began teaching the Word of God in St. Michell de 1’atalaye and then after 3 years there, I began the work in the Capital, Port-au-Prince.  I have  been there almost 3 years.  Living here, I have had the opportunity to take the Word of God to the southern part of Haiti training 30 students in the first level of Bible classes.  The total number of students that have graduated from the first level of studies is 130 and from the second level of studies is 11.  In the city of Okay, we are beginning the second level of studies with a new group of students from the first level.

Some of the graduates have begun to help me in sowing the Word of God.  Jonas Neret is helping from the city of Okay and Laundry Pierre and Von Pierre are helping from the city of Port-au-Prince.  Bodler Sichem and other students are helping with the first level of studies.  Of the first group of graduates from the school in southern St. Michell, two are privileged to study in Guatemala.  They have completed 3 levels of the Bible Institute of Living Water Teaching and for this I am very thankful for what the Lord has done and continues to do.  We trust to begin Bible classes with the next group of students in May and finish up with the second and third level in Okay and in Port-au-Prince with the third level of studies. I also have the privilege of working with children and we have blessed 1000 of them through Operation Shoebox with a Christmas gift and another 325 children in other activities.  In St. Michell, I had the opportunity to minister on radio from 6-7 every Friday night for a period of time.  Thanks be to God the doors opened for me to visit and clean a prison every Tuesday where I had the opportunity to lead many of the inmates to the Lord in the language of Creole.  Every Friday, I have the privilege of going to a hospital and sharing the Word of God and many have received Jesus as their Savior.

This year, my projected ministry is evangelizing the youth through various activities and we have begun with 2 every month.

Praise be to God for what you have sown to be able to take the Word of God to the nations.  I love you in the Lord and I invite you to participate in the work in Haiti with your love offerings. 

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