The Promised Home is bustling with sounds of laughter and crying babies that sounds like music to our ears.  We are so thankful that the Home is up and running well.  We now have 19 little people to love and care for.  The majority have been abandoned and a couple of the older children have suffered abuse.  The children are all very happy to be living with us where they receive sufficient food, milk for the babies, adequate clothing, a bed to sleep in, and much tender loving care.  The children are thriving and happy.

They are attending our local church and each have been dedicated to the Lord.  They love attending Sunday school and singing praises to the Lord.

June Mission Trip Update
We had the privilege to host a delightful group of teens for the June summer youth outreach from Our Finest Hour Church in Coweta, OK.  They ministered dramas in 8 schools and 2 parks to 1679 people and 147 gave their hearts to the Lord.  They did a tremendous job on the dramas as each one learned their part well and gave it their all.  The team didn’t have to say a word but the gospel was preached through each different act in the drama.  Four members of the group were part of our family and that made the trip so much more delightful.  We trust to see them back on another trip in the near future.

July Mission Trip Update
Our July youth group of 55, represented by 4 churches from the US, was a dynamic group of teens.  Together with their leaders, they did an awesome job on ministering 2 dramas in 25 schools to 5626 people.  The anointing and the grace of God on this team was amazing.  The lives of so many teens were truly touched by the power of God as we broke up into small groups to minister to them.  We rejoice that 780 opened their hearts to receive Jesus and there were another 269 reconciliations.  They also had the privilege to share the love of Jesus in three homes of special needs children.  The children/teens were delighted and the U.S. group had the time of their lives which was the highlight of the whole week.

Bible School Update
Our Bible school students are required to set up and minister in a campaign as part of their training and WOW, did they do an awesome job.  They divided into five groups and went throughout Guatemala; some traveling a distance of 10 hours.  They did the worship, the preaching, presented dramas, and shared testimonies to 16,078 people with 3019 giving their hearts to the Lord.  The drama was presented 70 times.  They returned rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord!

We were truly blessed with an awesome group from the U.S. for our March Medical Campaign.  They were 23 strong and came ready to serve, work, and love on the people.  We went to a place called “Aldea Barrios” and for three full days we treated people medically, pulled teeth, and gave eye exams.  


Orphanage Update

We want to give an update on the orphanage.  We have 10 babies/children in The Promised Home at the moment.  We would like to take a moment to introduce you to them.

Carmencita Analia was abandoned in a little town.  A woman returning from work heard a little cry and went to see where it was coming from and that is when she found Carmencita in a ditch.  She was dressed only in an undershirt and wrapped in old dirty rags and covered with grass and dirt.  She took her home with her because it was too far and too late to take her to the hospital that night.  Early the next morning, she dropped her off at the hospital.  Carmencita was very undernourished weighing only 3 ½ pounds.

These twin boys are Miguel Fernando and Gerardo Israel.  They were abandoned in a hospital in San Marcos.  They were born prematurely on December 31, 2016, very small.  They were both on oxygen for more than one month.  The nursery workers need to be very attentive to them because of being born prematurely.  They both are on special milk at the moment.


We want to share some very exciting news with you:   On Thursday, January 19, we held the Inauguration of “The Promised Home” (our orphanage on the Bible school campus) with several officials and many invited guests.  It was a beautiful day and a day filled with much excitement, joy, peace, prayer and we give all thanks to our Heavenly Father for making this possible and giving Living Water Teacher the privilege to love and care for children that have been orphaned or abandoned.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Living Water Teaching Ministries would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous New Year.

When we look back at all God has done through the ministry this year, we can't help but to rejoice in all His goodness and grace. As we now celebrate the birth of His son, Jesus, we know that if it had not been for that ultimate gift, we would have nothing to celebrate at all.

Through your financial giving, prayers, encouragement, and participation in our mission trips, you have been a huge part right alongside us, this year.  You get credit for all that has been accomplished for the Kingdom, as well.  THANK YOU for helping us take the Word of God to Central and South America and bless the nationals!

We would like to share a few highlights that have happened in the last few months and again, we give God ALL the glory and praise!



We wanted to share the exciting report from the October medical and evangelistic campaign.  We had an awesome team of 19 from the US who met up with our Guatemala missionaries, staff, and Bible School students.
The doctors treated 1326, the dentists treated 157, and 549 eye exams were done, making a total of 2032 patients seen over 2 ½ days.  Every person went through the prayer area and had one on one time with our prayer team and were ministered to. We saw 445 receive Jesus and 4 reconciliations, praise the Lord.  It was a wonderful campaign.

UPDATE on “El Hogar Prometido – The Promised Home.”

Dear Covenant Partner,

We rejoice in the goodness of the Lord as we just found out that 90% of all of our paperwork has been approved for the orphanage that we will have on campus:  The Promised Home.  The last 10% of our approval comes with the furnishing of The Promised Home for 30 children.  Phase I:  Buying the appliances and bigger items like high chairs, baby beds, playpens, washers, and dryers etc.  One of our partners sent in the finances to complete Phase I.  To God be praised and our hearts are still rejoicing.  Phase II and III will be the smaller items like equipping the kitchen with dishes, silverware, pots and pans, diapers, bottles, sheets, blankets, tables and chairs for the babies/children.  The CNA (adoption department) in Guatemala City came on the 13th of September and approved the last 10% with the furniture that we had bought.  One or two more documents need to be signed and shortly we should be receiving children.  We are excited, to say the least, as we see another part of our vision unfold. To God be praised!

NEWS FROM THE FIELD - Operation Shoebox 2016 Update

We want to give you an update on Operation Shoebox 2016.  Every year, we send at least two full 40' containers to Guatemala which are full of blessings for the children of Guatemala.  It's always been that we send them in October; however, each year it seems to be taking longer and longer to get them through customs.  Delays in customs creates pressure for us in making sure we have plenty of shoeboxes ready to distribute at the many outreaches for the shoebox group when they arrive the beginning of December.  With that said, we are having to restructure how we send the containers out.  So this year, we are going to send the first container in August and the second one in September, so that they arrive in Guatemala in plenty of time to clear customs and also be unloaded and prepared for distribution.


I wanted to share this exciting news!!!!    

The five programs for the opening of the orphanage are written and ready to be revised at CNA, the adoption department of the government in Guatemala City. As soon as they are read, accepted, and certified, the judge in the adoption dept. in our city is advised of our acceptance, and will begin sending children to us. In the meantime, we need to buy furnishings and other much-needed items for 30 children. Items that are needed: beds, sheets, blankets, clothing, shoes, diapers, bottles, etc. The kitchen will need appliances, dishes, pans, silverware, skillets and other cooking supplies. We also will need 2 washers and dryers.  


We are so truly thankful to our Father God for a very productive and fruitful 2015.  We have seen growth in all areas of the ministry.   We had a very dynamic group of students this year - 584 that graduated on the 14th of November.   Our Christmas outreach through Operation Shoebox was one of the best ever.   We had an awesome group of 64 that came from the U.S. to help us distribute approx. 10,566 boxes of goodies – we did 19 activities and we presented a program in each activity, a short mini-message and then gave an altar call.  We rejoice that approx. 5,525 children, youth, and adults received Jesus into their heart.  

Bible School Graduation Time in Guatemala

Written by Carol Ruano
Bible Institute Director - Guatemala

Our Bible Institute Graduation on Saturday, Nov 14th, was a glorious celebration of what the Lord, through His Word and Spirit, has done in the lives of our 584 graduates from the different programs of study on the Central campus and in the 57 extension schools throughout Guatemala. We saw a passion in their lives to be effective laborers trained to bring in and care for the harvest, thus fulfilling the desire of our precious Lord's heart. (Mt 9:35-38)


On October 20th, we loaded two 40' containers at our US Headquarters in Caddo Mills, TX and sent them on their way to Guatemala.  We have had partners from around the US giving to this life changing outreach throughout the year.  We went from having a full 5,000 square foot warehouse to having a very empty one.   


We would like to share some EXCITING news with you.  Living Water Teaching is opening an orphanage right on campus.  We have the building facility already built and it can house 40 children.  We do have some furniture, but will need to purchase more as time draws nearer to actually have children living in the orphanage.  We have been working with the government for some time now, getting all of the requirements for all of the paper work, and believe me, there is a ton of it!   


We want to share a very exciting update from our July Mission Trip that just ended.  We had 38 on this youth trip with two churches from the US represented.  The group did dramas and ministered 15 times in 13 schools and twice in one park.  They did street evangelism, went to the general hospital and prayed bed to bed for the sick, passed out coffee and bread to those waiting in the emergency area, and did an outreach with children that work in the city dump.  A total of 4645 children, youth, and adults were ministered to with 2032 of those receiving salvation, 6 reconciliations and 5 filled with the Holy Spirit.  All glory be to God for all that He did through and to these youth and adults.  We also had 3 night services in a local church.  

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