It has been our privilege, during the last 23 years, to be a part of Living Water Teaching Ministry in Nicaragua. During all this time, the Lord Jesus has taken us through a fascinating path of a spiritual and an exciting adventure; experiencing a personal transformation and seeing how the real power of the Word of God operates in the people that we minister to.

Our ministry has the purpose to reach as many people as possible, in order to train them in the teaching of the Word of God, to serve Him, and to expand the Kingdom of Christ. For this reason, we have established a church and developed Bible schools in all of the churches that are opened to the Word.


Nicaragua is a nation in Central America with a current population of 6,000,000 inhabitants, which mainly speak Spanish. The current statistics show that 48% of these people are evangelical Christians and the other 48% are Roman Catholic.

Throughout all these years, we have put our trust in God Almighty to make it possible to develop the work for the ministry in this nation, knowing that He is faithful and that we will see great things that He will do in the years to come! Amen.

Pastors Denis & Joyce Blass
Living Water Teaching Nicaragua

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