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The Inauguration of The Promised Home was held on January 19, 2017, and this brought great joy to our hearts because we were seeing another part of our vision being fulfilled.  Since the early 80’s, we have had a desire in our hearts to have an orphanage for the orphaned and abandoned children.

Guatemala reports that in 2017, there are approximately 370,000 orphans with only 5,000 living in homes of protection.  Many of these children live on the streets, eating leftover garbage from the market vendors or stealing and sleeping where they can find a place to lay down.  Some have gone into prostitution, others are put to work at a very young age and paid very little, but most are living in very subhuman situations.  Many of these children die from lack of nutrition, sickness, and disease, others are victims of sex trafficking or join gangs at a very early age.

The Promised Home is an orphanage in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, authorized and recognized by the government of Guatemala.  It is a two level, U-shaped building, fully equipped, to receive 30 children, 0 to 5 years of age and is directed by Ubaldo and Guisela Soto.  The objective of this home is to provide a home environment and improve the quality of life for these precious little ones until they reach the age of 18.  ALL ADOPTIONS ARE CLOSED TO THE U.S. AT THIS TIME!

“If you can change the heart of a child, you can change a nation.”

We are looking for partners who love children `and want to make a difference in their lives.  Your gifts of love would help to buy milk, diapers, clothing, shoes, fruit, vegetables, meat, cover gas and electricity, bottled water, pay salaries, and repairs on vehicles.

You can send in your donations to:  Living Water Teaching P.O. Box 1190, Caddo Mills, TX 75135 and mark on the memo line:  The Promised Home or Orphanage.  You can also give via PayPal by CLICKING HERE

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Psalms 68:5 “A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in His holy habitation.”



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